At a glance
スケジュールと申し込み Linux研修コース
コースコード H0MD7S
日数(開始時間〜終了時間) 5日間 (9:30〜17:30)
実施方法 ・クラスルーム (北品川)
受講料 261,000円(税抜)


Students will set up a Ceph environment and its configuration as a back end for OpenStack, and configure and use the advanced features of OpenStack Neutron.

Course content summary
・Deploy Red Hat Ceph Storage
・Manage snapshots in Red Hat Ceph Storage
・Access Ceph storage through Ceph block device (RBD) and Ceph object gateway (RADOSGW)
・Configure Red Hat Ceph Storage as a storage back end for OpenStack Services
・Manage networks based on VXLAN, VLAN and GRE
・Deploy and using load-balancer-as-a-service (LBaaS) in OpenStack Neutron
・Troubleshoot Neutron issues


Prerequisites for this course
・Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE®) certification or equivalent experience
・Red Hat Certified System Administrator in Red Hat OpenStack certification or equivalent experience
・Have taken Red Hat OpenStack Administration (CL210) course


Experienced Linux® system administrators responsible for managing OpenStack environments who want to learn:
・To configure scalable and distributed storage as a storage back end for OpenStack
・The advanced features offered by OpenStack Neutron


・Introduction to Red Hat Ceph Storage
 Introduce Red Hat Ceph Storage architecture, components, and attributes.
・Describe Red Hat Ceph Storage components and features
 Describe the components and features of Red Hat Ceph Storage.
・Deploy and access Red Hat Ceph Storage
 Create snapshots and clones for Red Hat Ceph Storage.
・Create snapshots and clones
 Manage snapshots and clones of a Ceph Block Device (RBD).
・Ceph with the Glance Image service
 Integrate Ceph with the OpenStack Glance Image service to store OpenStack images in Ceph.
・Ceph with the Cinder Block Storage service
 Integrate Ceph with the OpenStack Cinder Block Storage service to provide OpenStack volumes in Ceph.
・Ceph with the Nova compute service
 Integrate Ceph with the OpenStack Nova compute service to store instance data in Ceph.
・Introduce networking fundamentals
 Review networking concepts and deploy OpenStack with a separate Neutron networking node.
・Network interfaces
 Manage network interfaces manually (using the ip command) and persistently.
・Virtual bridging
 nstall and manage virtual network bridges.
・Virtual network devices
 Create and deploy virtual network devices.
・Network namespaces
 Manage and implement networks inside a network namespace.
・Neutron services
 Verify and manage the Neutron services.
・Provisioning tenant networks
 Provision tenant networks using VXLAN tunnels, GRE tunnels, and VLANs.
・Implementing load-balancer-as-a-service (LBaaS)
 Implement LbaaS.
・Neutron networking services
 Diagnose and troubleshoot issues with the Neutron networking service.
・Comprehensive Review
 Review tasks from the Red Hat OpenStack III course.