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IceWall SSO

What Is IceWall SSO?
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» What is IceWall SSO?
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IceWall’s Office 365cloud Federation
(Last Update : 2012.4.26)

IceWall SSO Domain Gateway Option (Integrated Windows Authentication)

This option provides single sign-on into a Windows environment by allowing clients logged into a Windows domain to automatically log into the IceWall server.
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IceWall SSO Agent Option

IceWall SSO provides support for agent based authentication in addition to reverse proxy based authentication. This provides you with the flexibility to deploy IceWall SSO in a more diversified, complex, distributed Web environment.
Furthermore, you can also smoothly deploy IceWall SSO in a large scale intranet environment where a broad range of Web applications are running.
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IceWall SSO Dynamic Menu Portal

IceWall Dynamic Menu Portal, which now comes standard with IceWall SSO, dynamically generates the portal screens that provides an entry point into the systems managed by IceWall SSO.
The portal screen generated by Dynamic Menu Portal allows the users access to various applications.
Furthermore the portal screen can be customized to show user IDs and user attributes (such as the belong departments) or personalized to display personal or group-specific content based on the access permissions of the users.
All these enable the implementation of a mechanism that efficiently presents the users with necessary information.
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