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IceWall SSO

Web Single Sign-On Solution

IceWall SSO

What Is IceWall SSO?
» What is Single Sign-On?
» What is IceWall SSO?
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IceWall’s Office 365cloud Federation
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IceWall SSO
  IceWall SSO, Japan's No.1* Web single sign-on solution originally developed by Hewlett-Packard Japan and marketed for the global markets, provides a highly convenient and comfortable yet highly secure environment. Since its first release in 1997, IceWall SSO has seen its adoption in intranet, B-to-C, B-to-B, and many other services globally with more than 40 million user licenses sold so far all over the world.
Its latest version, IceWall SSO 11.0, now provides support for new leading-edge technologies such as cloud and virtualization, and the IceWall SSO product line has been extended to include Windows support in addition to the existing HP-UX and Linux versions. Furthermore, the support services for IceWall SSO are planned to continue until 2028, making it a product that has a long and stable service life.
* Hewlett-Packard Japan :FY2017 52.7%, Revenue based
source : MIC Research Institute Report (Dec. 2018)

With IceWall SSO purchase, you can get free "IceWall Federation" product with federated authentication enabled for public cloud services such as GoogleApps and Salesforce!!!

Customers who purchase IceWall SSO 11.0 can also get IceWall Federation 3.0 licenses and receive support without additional charge.
If you plan to use any of the public cloud services in future then you can get simple and secure access to their services by introducing IceWall SSO.
Please see details at IceWall Federation web pages.

What's new

» FinTech solutions Support with "IceWall SSO" + "Open API Management" The financial market future: New authentication technology and Web API management infrastructure

» About Single Sign-On

Before exploring the specifics of IceWall SSO, this section provides an opportunity to take a look at what single sign-on is and what needs it addresses. If you are wondering how single sign-on works, this section is a good place to start.

» Product Information

This section provides detailed information on IceWall SSO including its benefits and features.
»  Benefits
»  Basic Features
»  Options

» Case Studies

This section provides IceWall SSO case studies from Hewlett-Packard Japan and its system integration partners.
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