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IceWall SSO

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IceWall SSO

What Is IceWall SSO?
» What is Single Sign-On?
» What is IceWall SSO?
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»What is Single Sign-On?

»What is IceWall SSO?


»Basic Features

IceWall SSO-Five benefits
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IceWall SSO provides highly convenient and comfortable security environment

IceWall SSO, Japan's No.1* Web single sign-on solution originally developed by HPE Japan and marketed for the global markets, provides a highly convenient and comfortable yet highly secure environment. Since its first release in 1997, IceWall SSO has seen its adoption in intranet, B-to-C, B-to-B, and many other services all over globe, with more than 40 million user licenses sold so far.

* Hewlett-Packard Japan :FY2017 52.7%,
Revenue based source : MIC Research Institute Report (Dec. 2018)

Five benefits of IceWall SSO

IceWall SSO is much more than a point solution focused on convenience. Rather it helps to optimize the IT infrastructure within a business or across an entirely external oriented service by solving multiple issues. IceWall SSO can deliver the following tangible benefits to today's businesses:

Improves the reliability of your business by enhancing security.

IceWall SSO assists your business in gaining trust from your customers and the society by enhancing the security of personal and confidential information handled in your business to ensure the safeguarding of such precious information assets.
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High product quality ensures a comfortable work style.

IceWall SSO is an extremely high quality, easy-to-use product that takes your work environment to the next level of comfort by reducing the burden on administrators and relieving the stress of end users who are using applications.
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HPE's commitment to the design and development ensures meticulous care.

IceWall SSO is a product originally developed in Japan by leveraging the deep expertise and experience of HPE as a leading global IT vendor. The fact that IceWall SSO is designed and developed by HPE ensures meticulous care in terms of both functionality and support so that you can always use IceWall SSO with confidence.
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Provides the flexibility to meet a broad range of business sizes and needs.

IceWall SSO ensures optimal deployment of authentication infrastructures based on the size and needs of your business by providing a scalable licensing model, built-in scalability, and flexible interaction with other solutions.
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Professional provision of expertise and reliable support eliminates business disruptions.

HPE's deep experience and expertise in the deployment of single sign-on solutions ensures that you can complete the deployment in a short period of time. In addition, HPE provides highly reliable support services aligned with your specific business needs, including post-deployment timely consultation and response to your requests, to eliminate disruptions to your business.
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