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IceWall SSO

What Is IceWall SSO?
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» What is IceWall SSO?
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»What is Single Sign-On?

»What is IceWall SSO?


»Basic Features

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Flexibility - Provides the flexibility to meet a broad range of business sizes and needs.

IceWall SSO ensures optimal deployment of authentication infrastructures based on the size and needs of your business by providing a scalable licensing model, built-in scalability, and flexible interaction with other solutions.

1. Scalable licensing model

IceWall SSO provides a comprehensive licensing model that covers users ranging from several hundred to several million.
This licensing model is also scalable so that you can add additional users as needed and easily plan after deployment scale-up.

2. Optimal deployment based on size and needs

The licensing model for IceWall SSO offers not only licenses designed for large and small-to-medium sized sites but also system licenses for B-to-C services as well as license packages for governmental agencies and educational institutes, there by ensuring optimal deployment based on the size and needs of your organization.

3. Customizable and scalable to your needs

IceWall SSO delivers performance and scalability that can provide even millions of users with a comfortable environment.
In addition, its open and well-documented APIs allow you to add various additional features and customizations. For example, you may want to implement an authentication method based on one-time passwords or cell phone IDs, the use of alternative authentication databases, custom encryption of passwords, access restrictions on an application by application basis, authentication of a special Web application, and so on.

4. Interaction with other solutions

IceWall SSO can interact with a wide range of other solutions, including SAML based site-to-site authentication federation and associated support for cloud services, biometric authentication, IC card authentication, cell phone based authentication, and so on, thus meeting a variety of needs.

5. Highly flexible design that allows IceWall SSO to blend into any environment

Its highly flexible design allows IceWall SSO to easily blend into your specific environment not only through customizable HTML based screens but also through its open and well-documented APIs, communication message formats and database structures along with its support for de-facto standard Web server softwares such as IIS and Apache.

6. Ready for virtualization

IceWall SSO is a virtualization ready product that has passed the certification tests to verify that its authentication infrastructure works in a VMware based virtualization environment. More specifically, these tests were conducted to verify IceWall SSO's ability to work in an environment where "a single authentication server is shared among multiple systems" and "virtualization is used to provide server consolidation." Based on the results of these tests, IceWall SSO comes with best practices that help to complete system deployment more quickly.
Mutually redundant configuration of IceWall SSO + VMware
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