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IceWall SSO

What Is IceWall SSO?
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» What is IceWall SSO?
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»What is Single Sign-On?

»What is IceWall SSO?


»Basic Features

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Comfort - High product quality ensures a comfortable working style.

IceWall SSO is an extremely high quality, easy-to-use product that takes your working environment to the next level of comfort by reducing the burden on IT administrators and relieving the stress of end users who are using applications.

IceWall SSO is a high quality product that ensures a comfortable working style.
IceWall SSO is a high quality product that ensures a comfortable working style.

1. Improves convenience by providing centralized management of IDs and passwords

Several tens to even several hundreds of Web applications are running in today's business environments. It takes a vast amount of effort to manage the IDs used to login into so many Web applications.
IceWall SSO provides the ability to consolidate multiple ID and password combinations into one. This helps not only to improve user convenience but also to prevent user behaviors that may compromise the security such as writing down or otherwise recording their passwords in a way that may make them accessible to others.
In addition, while it can be a daunting task to manage user ID/password and logging policies that are specific to individual applications, IceWall SSO dramatically simplifies this task by providing centralized management of them.

2. Performance and Scalability that can provide even millions of users with a comfortable Environment

IceWall SSO is designed such that the user information required to authenticate and authorize a user is retrieved from the authentication database only when the user logs in and then the information remains cached in the authentication server so that all subsequent login attempts can be handled within the authentication server. Its robustness allows IceWall SSO to withstand the workload of up to 100,000 requests per second from one million logged-in users.
This means that users will not experience processing delays even at the start of a day or during other peak hours.

3. Simplifies operations by reducing costs and administrative overheads

IceWall SSO helps you to reduce IT system operating costs by providing horizontal integration across its enterprise class architecture and enabling centralized management of authentication, access control, and audit logs maintained within your business.
In addition, it's access control mechanism minimizes administrative overheads to ensure that even major personnel changes will not require additional administrative effort.
By migrating authentication to IceWall SSO, you can simplify your web applications and thus reduce the application development costs.
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