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» What is IceWall SSO?
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» IceWall SSO Operating Environment
IceWall SSO back-end Web application connection conditions

Back-end Web application connection conditions

IceWall SSO can be connected to the Web applications that meet the following conditions.
  • HTTP traffic is allowed from the Web browser
  • There is no authentication or Basic/forms authentication(s) are implemented
For Web applications or Web browsers that communicates through proprietary protocols using JAVA applets etc or the applications that use the own/proprietary client or certificates to authenticate the users, there is a limit on the ability to use and you may not be able to connect IceWall in all cases. Please consult our technical support for further details.

It is highly recommended that the SSO target web application is one of the following
  • No authentication(use HTTP headers for user identification)
  • Basic authentication
  • Form based authentication(11 methods and 48 patterns)
If application is using an authentication mechanism other from above, then there may be need to remove/disable the authentication to connect with IceWall.

In addition, in order to realize a smooth connection with the Web applications, we provide useful documentation for targeted for personnel(s) in charge of Web applications. This documentation is based on the experience accumulated in past while making connections to the Web applications and Integrationg IceWall SSO. Please use this documentation in the case of the actual introduction of IceWall.

If still the problem occurs in the connection, even if it meets these conditions, then you can contact support team for consultation about how to deal.
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