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HP IceWall SSO

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HP IceWall SSO

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» What's HP IceWall SSO?
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HP IceWall SSO is a joint development product of HP Japan and SCC, Ltd.
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De Facto Standard in Finance and Telecommunication Industries

HP IceWall SSO has been supported by a huge number of customers based on the high level of security, scalability and reliability it offers. More than 12 million user licenses have been sold mainly to Japanese companies in the telecommunications and finance industries, and HP IceWall SSO is now used almost as the de facto standard of Single Sign-On products, especially in the field of non-life insurance.

Number of Implementations Proves Reliability

Thanks to the support of those customers who have introduced HP IceWall SSO as their system infrastructure in a wide range of fields, including communications, manufacturing, distribution and public services.
It is no exaggeration to say that HP IceWall SSO gives the Japanese IT system behind-the-scenes support as one of the de facto standard SSO solutions.
Proven Experience
»  Reliability
»  Performance and Scalability
»  Flexibility
Actual Achievements of HP IceWall SSO

Enables Prompt Web Service System Development

Since HP IceWall SSO adopts a reverse proxy type, there is no need for the customization of backend Web servers or agent distribution upon its introduction. Therefore, prompt implementaton is assured.
If your existing Web AP has an authentication function, using an external exit routine for a forwarder enables the following :

1.Easily accomodate authentication API compatibility with various authentication methods

2.Easy handling of header modifications

3.More advanced login processes using request APIs.

In addition, HP IceWall SSO "Express Service" offers packaged service promptly at low cost.
» Agent type modules are also provided to deal with a distributed environment for a large-scale intranet.

Cost Reduction

  1. Reduction of development cost
    In an environment where a reverse proxy type Single Sign-On product is not introduced, an authentication / authorization system has to be developed anew for each development of a new web service. On the contrary, HP IceWall SSO offers integrated management of authentication, authorization, security measures, and user information. Therefore, it is possible for development staff to focus on the development of business logic for backend, and development costs will be considerably reduced in the long run.

  2. Reduction of management costs
    In terms of management costs for tasks including upgrading, not to mention daily operation, it is easy to imagine that integrated authentication / authorization systems have many more advantages than distributed systems.

  3. Reduction of user operating costs
    If you think about the actual time necessary to enter an userID and password to login to a web service without SSO, it may seem insignificant. However, from a user standpoint, even this slightly troublesome operation may lead to lower operating efficiency, and its accumulation may lead to the increase of operating costs.

  4. Supports Linux
    We also offer an HP IceWall Linux Version for an SSO system with better cost performance.
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