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HP IceWall SSO

Performance and Scalability

HP IceWall SSO

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HP IceWall SSO is a joint development product of HP Japan and SCC, Ltd.
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Handles 5 million User Accesses

Reverse proxy type SSO products have many advantages. However, sometimes problems in terms of performance arise, because transactions including authentication, authorization and handling accesses are centered on SSO servers.
Such performance degradation is mainly caused by handling accesses. HP IceWall SSO overcomes this problem completely by introducing separate arrangement of the server handling accesses and the certification server, TP monitor function and multithreading. For systems which generate large-scale transactions, the performance of servers which handle accesses has been improved by the enhancement of hardware and the introduction of load balancing equipment. The result is complete reassurance, even with systems with up to 5 million user accesses.

TP Monitor
This is middleware for handling transactions. It offers the following features:

  • Enables simultaneous use of one system by a large number of users.
  • Enables simultaneous use of common data by a large number of application processes without inconsistency.
  • Recovers data for resumption of processing in case of failures.
  • Enables interaction with other systems by exchanging data.
  • Enables automatic operations by informing users with the current situation of operation.
  • Offers methods for development of applications and systems.
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Performance and Scalability of HP IceWall SSO

Numerous Success Stories for Systems with More Than 1 Million Users

Simultaneous access by 1 million users does not affect the performance of HP IceWall SSO.We have issued licenses for more than 12 million users up to ver. 6.0, and enjoyed positive results for systems with several hundred thousand users up to those whose user numbers reach 1 million.

Offers Distributed Architecture and Agent Type Module Which Can Handle Any Environment

Addition to reverse proxy type SSO, a Java Agent Library has been added since HP IceWall SSO ver. 6.0 SP1. This module enables agent type SSO. By using the Java Agent Library servlet on the backend server, configuration as an agent module type SSO which interacts directly with certification servers not through the IceWall server is possible.
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