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HP IceWall SSO


HP IceWall SSO

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» What's HP IceWall SSO?
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HP IceWall SSO is a joint development product of HP Japan and SCC, Ltd.
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Solution Born in Japan

HP IceWall SSO was developed by HP Japan in 1997 as an authentication system for major Japanese financial institutions.
If you have any requests for the enhancement of functions according to your business needs, or if you need to consult with us regarding the possible introduction of HP IceWall SSO in your existing environment, please feel free to contact our Consulting Service or our distribution partners.

Simple System with Advanced Scalability

  1. Because of the full compatibility with Linux, flexible platform selection is made possible.
  2. HP IceWall SSO ver. 6.0 and later versions are compatible with a much wider range of products, and offer further flexibility for your system.
  3. With an external exit routine for the forwarder, processing of headers and a more advanced login process have also been made possible.
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Flexibility of HP IceWall SSO

Single Sign-On to Any Web Server or Web Product

There are no restrictions on the platform for backend web servers of HP IceWall SSO. It is possible to connect any kinds of web servers. Regarding the web products used at backend, HP IceWall SSO has been connected to a wide variety of web products during its first five years, including those shown below.

HP IceWall SSO has been sold for five years, and has been connected to a wide variety of web products. (There are no restrictions regarding your selection of backend web products for IceWall.)

  • WebLogic Application Server
  • WebSphere Application Server
  • Interstage
  • SUN ONE Application Server
  • Oracle 9iAS
  • WebTPI
  • IIS
  • Apache
  • SUN ONE Web Server
  • Access Manager
  • HP IceWall SSO
  • Plum Tree
  • Yahoo Portal
  • MS Exchange
  • Notes Domino
  • UBQ Server
  • EveryPath Server
  • Cybozu office
  • EnterpriseLink
  • iOffice 2000
  • VeriSign OnSite
(Part of actual implementations)

Supports Various Kinds of Authentication Methods

HP IceWall SSO provides you with various authentication solutions, including PKI, Identrus, Integrated Windows Authentication, IC cards and biometrics authentication using fingerprints.

Distributed User Management (HP IceWall Identity Manager)

A user management tool, the "Identity Manager," is provided as an option to HP IceWall SSO. Using the Identity Manager, user management tasks, are possible through a web-based GUI.
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