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HP IceWall SSO


HP IceWall SSO

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» What's HP IceWall SSO?
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HP IceWall SSO is a joint development product of HP Japan and SCC, Ltd.
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High Availability

HP IceWall SSO provides a fully redundant infrastructure (optional), and is the most suitable of its kind for all types of mission critical systems, such as round-the-clock internet banking systems used by major commercial banks.

For More Robust Corporate Security

HP IceWall SSO, which adopts a reverse proxy type, obtains advantages also in terms of security. By utilizing the central management of all transactions, HP IceWall SSO focuses on the filtering of web application level attacks including cross site scripting, which is difficult to block with a firewall, meaning that measures by a backend server are not necessary.
In addition, it offers a wide variety of security measures, including SSL communication, encapsulation of backend web servers, various password policies, PKI, Identrus, biometrics authentication, and combined use with IC cards which ensure robust security for services via the internet.
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Reliability of HP IceWall SSO

Detailed Access Control

HP IceWall SSO offers access control by group or by URL. By assigning a user to multiple groups, or by using an AND/OR setting, it is possible to enable an authorization function with detailed access control.

Secure Connection with External Organizations and Affiliated Companies

Single Sign-On products are categorized to agent module type and the reverse proxy type, depending on their architecture.
Features of the agent module type are that the certification module is unified, and that the authorization modules are distributed at the backend web servers.
On the other hand, HP IceWall SSO adopts a reverse proxy type, which enables unification of the authentication and authorization. Robust security is assured because all transactions go through the proxy server. There is no need for the addition of agent modules to the backend web server or customization upon implementation. It offers simple implementation without changing your existing environment.

Since its development in 1997, HP IceWall SSO has been steadily improved due to the support of our customers and their valuable input.Since ver.7.0, HP IceWall SSO also provides agent type SSO to meet the current system requirement.

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