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HP IceWall SSO


HP IceWall SSO

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HP IceWall SSO is a joint development product of HP Japan and SCC, Ltd.
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Commitment to the Liberty Alliance

HP IceWall SSO adopts the Liberty Alliance ver.1.1 (ID-FF 1.1)Specifications as its external module (as the Liberty Gateway option) for Java-based full implementation.
The design of HP IceWall SSO utilizes its flexibility, and also adopts Java-based standard specifications including SOAP and SAML. Since it is not necessary to modify HP IceWall SSO itself, it is possible to promptly meet future changes to the Liberty Alliance Specifications.

Supports Various Recent Standards

HP IceWall SSO supports the latest standards including Liberty Alliance, IPv6 and Identrus.
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Innovativeness of HP IceWall SSO

Compatible with Mobiles

HP IceWall SSO is compatible with i-mode in handling the need to refer to information in and out of your office. It adopts a session management system that is different from cookies, and has already been introduced for systems which accommodate as many as one million users.
HP IceWall SSO is the sole Single Sign-On product to receive permission from NTT DoCoMo for use with the "Link to DoCoMo" logo (since the end of May 2001).

Compatible with Integrated Windows Authentication and IC Cards

HP IceWall SSO provides integrated solutions with Windows authentication.
Through this integrated authentication, users only need to go through one authentication process for both Windows and IceWall, which contributes to operating efficiency. More reliable IceWall authentication achieved by the combination of Integrated Windows Authentication and IC cards are also provided.

Interaction with CRM/CBA Systems and Billing Systems

With HP IceWall, web activities logging can be acquired not by source IP but by user through enhanced logging functions. It is also possible to utilize this useful information for the interaction with Customer Behavior Analysis (CBA) systems, CRM systems or billing systems.

Born in Japan and Enhanced by HP's Latest Technologies, HP IceWall SSO Becomes a Global Solution

HP IceWall SSO, originally developed in Japan, has been improved with HP's up-to-date technologies, and will keeps on evolving. It has also been implemented as a pilot system outside Japan, which proves its versatility.
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