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HP IceWall SSO

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HP IceWall SSO is a joint development product of HP Japan and SCC, Ltd.
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HP IceWall SSO
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( Last Update : 2004.05.18)

HP IceWall SSO Product Editions

HP IceWall SSO has the following two major product editionss.

HP IceWall SSO Enterprise Edition (latest version: 7.0 SP1)

Target Scale: • From 10,000 to 5 million users
• For business users who require 24-hour / 365-day support with various requirements for function enhancement

HP IceWall SSO Standard Edition (latest version: 7.0 SP1)

Target Scale: • Less than 10,000 users
• For intranet and middle-scale sites

GtoC license for HP IceWall SSO
The target users of this license are government offices, schools and educational institutions.
HP IceWall SSO supports these types of organizations, even with a massive number of users!

Click here to find out more about the Standard Edition.

HP IceWall Identity Manager (latest version: 2.1)

User-friendly web-based GUI for user management.
Contributes to the reduction of user management costs by efficient database / hierarchical management, while "self-service" functions are offered for users.

About HP IceWall SSO Standard Edition

The Standard Edition is offered with the basic functions and the high reliability of HP IceWall SSO Enterprise Edition (HP IceWall SSO EE) at a competitive price in order to contribute to the maximization of RoIT (Return on IT) for middle-scale sites with less than 10,000 users, including intranet and e-commerce sites.
Because of the popularization of the internet, sharing information on intranets utilizing web browsers has also become popular. An authentication system with a high level of convenience and security is necessary for middle-scale e-commerce. Single Sign-On solutions which perform several user authentications simultaneously are essential for business users' secure and efficient access to authorized information.
While HP IceWall SSO EE is offered as a Single Sign-On solution for large-scale sites, the Standard Edition is offered for middle-scale sites in order to meet such market needs. Maintaining the high level of security and reliability of HP IceWall SSO EE, HP now offers the Standard Edition at low cost, but with certain restrictions on expanded functions.

The Standard Edition is equipped with Integrated Windows Authentication*, which is essential for Single Sign-On solutions for intranets. In addition, direct communication with certification servers, without going through servers on which IceWall is installed, is possible with the Agent Module.

* What is "Integrated Windows Authentication"?
It is a function which performs authentication and authorization to intranets simultaneously upon user login to Windows, and enables access to resources on intranets through a single password entry.

Standard Edition Restrictions

Following are the restrictions of Standard Edition:

  • Basic functions are the same with IceWall SSO EE.
  • UserExit routines are not supported .
  • Maintenance support is offered only during office hours.
  • Additional user licenses are offered only for units of 100, 500, 1,000 or 3,000 users.
  • It is not possible to use the Enterprise Edition and the Standard Edition on the same system. In such cases, we would kindly ask you to purchase new licenses for the Enterprise Edition.
  • It is not possible to upgrade Standard Edition licenses to Enterprise Edition licenses.
  • Usually, the release of a new Standard Edition comes after the release of a new Enterprise Edition. Depending on our release schedule, we may not offer certain versions for the Standard Edition.
  • Regarding application for GtoC licenses, we will check your company name and category of business to judge if the application is possible or not.
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