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VASCO DIGIPASS authentication collaboration tool for IceWall


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(Last Update : 2012.5.25)

1.Overview of VASCO DIGIPASS authentication collaboration tool for IceWall

One way to strengthen the authentication is the introduction of One Time Password (OTP). This document provides you an overview of the SCC Corporation (*1)'s VASCO DIGIPASS authentication collaboration tool for IceWall.
" VASCO DIGIPASS authentication collaboration Tool for IceWall " (here in after referred to as " DIGIPASS collaboration tool ") is a product option to add one-time password authentication through HP IceWall SSO. By adding DIGIPASS collaboration tool to HP IceWall SSO, in addition to the traditional user ID, password-based authentication, authentication is also enabled by OTP. In addition, the DIGIPASS authentication collaboration tool has become a mechanism that can be easily added to the currently implemented HP IceWall SSO systems.

2.DIGIPASS of VASCO Data Security

To generate a one-time password (* 2), the validation will use the VACMAN Controller VASCO Data Security. DIGIPASS is a general term for authentication token which are manufactured and sold by VASCO Data Security. When you press the button of the DIGIPASS user, OTP is generated, and six-digit number (* 3) will be displayed on the LCD screen.DIGIPASS has more than 80 million shipments worldwide, is a high security product which focuses on use in the financial industry and corporate world. In addition to hardware token, there is also software token that runs on mobile phones.
DIGIPASS example
DIGIPASS example
*1 SCC Co., Ltd.
*2 VASCO Data Security
*3 Depending on operation

3.Configuration System Example

Table below shows the configuration system example, the introduction of DIGIPASS collaboration tool to HP IceWall SSO and the process flow.
DIGIPASS collaboration tool



1 Although a user attempts to access the back-end Web server, because there is no session, IceWall server displays a login screen.
2 The user enters the (One Time Password) user ID, password, OTP to the login screen that appears, and then sends the same to DIGIPASS collaboration tool.
3 DIGIPASS collaboration tool gets the DIGIPASS data that is stored for each user from the authentication DB. DIGIPASS collaboration tool, based on this data DIGIPASS and system time, validates the OTP entered by the user.
4 DIGIPASS collaboration tool, on successful verification of OTP requests the issuance of a session ID to the authentication server.
5 DIGIPASS collaboration tool returns the session to the browser and redirects the users to the page on back-end Web server which the user attempted to access in #1.
6 IceWall server after making sure that the session ID is valid forwards the request from the browser to the back-end Web server.

4.Operating environment

The following table shows the operating environment of DIGIPASS collaboration tool

Application server Tomcat 6.0.x (x is more than 24)
Java Java6 Update x (x is more than 18)
HP IceWall SSO HP IceWall SSO 10.0
DB authentication Oracle 11g
For the operation of DIGIPASS collaboration tool, VACMAN,VASCO Data Security and HP IceWall SSO JAVA Agent Library are required. In addition, as the environment IceWall, IceWall server and the authentication server is required.Tokens must be purchased separately.
*DIGIPASS collaboration tool does not have token management and user management capabilities. For this reason, if you need these features then you need to prepare them separately.
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