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IceWall Federation

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IceWall Federation

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IceWall’s Office 365cloud Federation
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Operating Environment

Reference Price

Reference Price

We introduce the approximate price of IceWall Federation for your reference on this page

Please contact us for pricing estimate details. Product price and support price are subject to change without notice. Please understand that the new revised prices will be applied in that case.

IceWall Federation

♦Case when IceWall SSO 10.0 is purchased
To use IceWall Federation* license and maintenance cost are already included in the contents of the of IceWall SSO license.
For our customers who purchase IceWall SSO 10.0 product, they do not have to purchase a separate license for using the IceWall Federation 3.0 product and they will receive a support for IceWall Federation Together with support for IceWall SSO.

* You cannot use IceWall Federation 3.0 if you have not purchased a license for authentication server of IceWall SSO 10.0(if you have purchased only forwarder license)

* The IceWall Federation 3.0, it is available only in combination with IceWall SSO 10.0 Agent or IceWall SSO 10.0.

* IceWall Federation Agent 3.0 does not become a support target. If you want to use IceWall Federation Agent 3.0, then please purchase corresponding support license.

In all other cases
You purchase a license, depending on the number of IceWall authentication integrations.

When you purchase a license, you need to purchase maintenance license together.
  • Technical support: Standard Business hours
Reference Price
Single Connection contact us

You need one license for each target service which is integrated with IceWall Federation.
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