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IceWall Federation

federated authentication solution

IceWall Federation

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IceWall’s Office 365cloud Federation
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IceWall Federation
Today, many enterprises are seeking to leverage a combination of private and public clouds to more efficiently utilize IT assets and achieve cost reduction. The current cloud landscape is confusing with emergence of many different and complex cloud services. IT organizations are struggling to satisfy two often-conflicting requirements, security and convenience, while consuming cloud services.
These are exactly the challenges which IceWall Federation addresses by implementing federated authentication between cloud services and sites. IceWall Federation is a federated authentication solution that helps enterprises to achieve both higher security and single sign-on convenience without compromise even when they are using public cloud services such as Office 365, GoogleApps and Salesforce as part of their internal information systems.

» What is IceWall Federation?

This section introduces you to the features and benefits of IceWall Federation along with describing how Federated authentication works with cloud services and between sites.

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