IceWall SSO FinTech Solutions

OpenID Connect 1.0/OAuth 2.0 based authentication technology to resolve the authentication problem in the Web APIs.
Helps promote the use of open API in financial institutions by the offering highly secure authentication environment.

IceWall SSO FinTech Solutions

Circumstances surrounding the Web API business

With the fusion of finance namely
 - PFM (Personal Financial Management)
 - Individual asset management
 - Cloud funding
 - Cloud accounting services
With technology an era of FinTech has emanated in which new financial institutions such start-up companies, banks, securities, insurance and credit card companies are drawn towards the use of open APIs.

With Web API (Application Programming Interface) going public, including the "Open Bank API" in Internet banking for banks a synergistic effect has born between the venture companies and the business partners. Due to this the following are expected
 - Implementation of jointly-created new services
 - Improvement of customer convenience
 - Addition of new value to the existing services

Ideathon and hackathon have surfaced to make this happen.


Web API: A variety of functions from within the application collected in an easy to use form.
Application Programming Interface here refers to a SOAP/REST interface for easy function call from outside using HTTP-based request/response.

Open API management solution of HPE

Hewlett Packard Enterprise has been developing the excellent open API products, before the word FinTech itself was born in the financial sector. We have piled up record with focus on customers in the telecommunications field around the world.
Regain revenues - HPE API Management(PDF 235KB)

IceWall SSO FinTech Solutions Overview

OpenID Connect 1.0/OAuth 2.0 based authentication technology as a solution to solve the authentication problem in the Web API

Web API itself is not a new technology. However, high security maintenance is required for the open API in particular financial institutions. For example, it is clearly undesirable to disclose your bank account ID and password outside of the enterprise.
By making use of the OpenID Connect1.0/OAuth 2.0 OP function of IceWall SSO it becomes possible to build a secure authentication environment as follows in the environment using open API.

User consent based WebAPI access Mechanism (OpenID Connect 1.0/OAuth 2.0)


  • Secure Access to resources possible by authentication based on the consent of the user
    Authentication is temporarily redirected to the OP with the access rights of the resource reported in an object referred to as a "token". There is no need for the users to disclose password to the outside world.
  • Services provided through the Web API in an open mechanism
    OpenID Connect 1.0/OAuth 2.0 is an open mechanism that has been popular in recent years widely, is a suitable technology to safely implement the wide range of services provided by Web API. This enables services that brings peace of mind and convenience and are compatible to the users.
  • Possiblities will widen further by leveraging a number of IceWall software's products and options
    OpenID Connect 1.0/OAuth 2.0 is provided as one of the products of IceWall software.Apart from these, there are products and options group like IceWall software- the traditional SSO function (IceWall SSO), cloud SSO Federation function (IceWall Federation) for collaboration with cloud services, IceWall SSO smart device options for smart device, SNS account social login feature(IceWall Federation OIDC social login) that allows a proxy login . These products and options when used together can ensure the support for the creation of new services by providing a variety of authentication mechanisms not only in the field of IoT but also in the field of FinTech.

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