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HP IceWall SSO is a joint development product of HP Japan and SCC, Ltd.
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Features of HP IceWall Identity Manager

Daily user management tasks, which include handling users who forget their passwords, unlocking account locks, user registration, personnel changes and updating information according to the transfer of groups, may require unexpected labor. Even more difficulties arise if several hundred, thousands or several hundred thousand users need to be managed.
To deal with such situations, HP IceWall Identity Manager facilitates simple and efficient user management through structural identity management, thereby enabling considerable cost reduction in management.
» Why is Identity Management Necessary?
» Features of HP IceWall Identity Manager
» Impact of the Introduction of HP IceWall Identity Manager

Why is Identity Management Necessary?

Why is Identity Management Necessary?

Features of HP IceWall Identity Manager

  • No.1: Facilitates simple operation using a web-based GUI!

    Simple management with GUI
  • No. 2: Facilitates decentralized administration by hierarchization of administrators

    Identity Manager enables the hierarchization of administrators. In this way, decentralized administration of users by department or by group is made possible. Hierarchy settings are flexible depending on your environment.

    Realizes hierarchization of administrators
  • No. 3: Facilitates secure operations management

    • Privilege management according to responsibilities: It is possible to assign different privileges depending on the hierarchy of each administrator.
      Realizes secure operations management

    • Acquisition of audit logs: Audits of the actions of administrators and users are possible through collected and stored access logs.
      Collection and storage of access logs is possible

Impact of the Introduction of HP IceWall Identity Manager

  • Simple management!
    No expertise regarding database management is necessary for user management.
    Management is possible for anyone who can operate a web-based GUI.
  • Cost reduction in management and operation!
    Reduction of personnel cost is possible by structural user management through the hierarchization of management and setting restrictions on management ranges. With the "self-service" function, general users may update personal information within an authorized range, which greatly contributes to cost reduction.
  • Cost reduction in implementation!
    Implementation costs are much lower compared to those associated with the internal development of user management tools.
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