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HP IceWall SSO

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HP IceWall SSO is a joint development product of HP Japan and SCC, Ltd.
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Features of HP IceWall SSO 7.0
» Reasons Why HP IceWall SSO Is Chosen
» Features of HP IceWall SSO

Reasons Why HP IceWall SSO Is Chosen

Based on its great reputation in regard to security functions, scalability and reliability, HP IceWall SSO has sold more than 12 million user licenses, mainly for large-scale internet systems in various fields, including the finance and communications industries in Japan.
Here are some of the reasons why HP IceWall SSO has enjoyed such support.

Reasons Why HP IceWall SSO Is Chosen

Features of HP IceWall SSO

Offers powerful support to your intranet
  Version 7.0, released in October 2003, includes considerably enhanced functions to deal with large-scale intranets. It is the first-in-the-industry SSO product which has portal functions as a standard feature. Since it also supports agent-type authentication and offers round-the-clock support, it is more than reliable for large-scale mission critical systems.

Equipped with portal functions as a standard feature
  In recent years, the EIP (Enterprise Information Portal) has attracted great attention as a solution which enables considerable cost reduction.
By combining EIP with SSO functions, it is possible to establish a highly convenient and secure portal site on your intranet. We picked up on this concept, and built in a Dynamic Menu Portal which handles portal functions as a standard feature of HP IceWall SSO ver. 7.0. The HP IceWall SSO Dynamic Menu Portal provides you with a solution which enables considerable cost reduction by combining EIP and SSO.

Solution born in Japan
  Since HP IceWall SSO was born out of the needs of our Japanese customers, we have accumulated a great deal of experience and know-how related to its establishment through our numerous implementations in Japan. We offer substantial development and support systems in Japan.

A wide variety of product line-ups are available according to the scale and requirements of your systems
  The broad range of HP IceWall SSO's product line-ups is able to flexibly handle any of our customer's system requirements.
  • Enterprise Edition
    This edition is suitable for mission critical systems and can accommodate up to around 5 million users. It achieves a high level of scalability and performance.
  • Standard Edition
    This edition is suitable for systems up to around several thousand users, and is offered at a reasonable price. By combining the "Express Service" introduction package, low cost and easy introduction is possible.
  • Other options
    Client Certificate Option, Domain Gateway Option, Agent Option, etc.
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