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HP IceWall SSO

HP IceWall SSO Keeps On Evolving

HP IceWall SSO

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HP IceWall SSO is a joint development product of HP Japan and SCC, Ltd.
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HP IceWall SSO Keeps On Evolving
» IT System Develops Itself - HP IceWall SSO
» From a Single sign-on Solution to a Web Security Framework
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(Last Update : 2004.04.27)

IT System Develops Itself - HP IceWall SSO

With the advancement of IT system, more and more services are offered through the internet or intranet webs. Web-based systems attract attention, not only because they offer convenient services accessible whenever and wherever users like, but also because they function as a means for cost reduction.

Based on the strong support from our customers as the de facto standard SSO solution in Japan, HP IceWall SSO leads IT systems for the next generation by developing itself into a "web security framework."

From a Single sign-on Solution to a Web Security Framework

HP IceWall SSO consists of the following five components:

Web Security Framework

[ HP IceWall SSO's five components ]

In addition to its robust security function, HP IceWall SSO has various optional functions which offer a high degree of flexibility and convenience. With these five major components, HP IceWall SSO continues to evolve in order to handle any future web services.

» Transaction Security
» Single sign-on and Access Control
» Identity Management
» Content Security
» Web Service Security

Transaction Security
  • Reverse proxy
    HP IceWall SSO accepts access requests from clients on behalf of backend web servers, analyzes requested URLs, and transmits the information to backend web servers. By encapsulating backend web servers through the conversion of URLs and keywords, direct attacks to backend web servers can be blocked.
  • Implementation with PKI technology and client certificates (optional)
    HP IceWall SSO has paid attention to PKI technology from an early stage. With the VeriSign Onsite, highly secure authentication technology using client certificate can be implemented. This technology has been already adopted by many BtoB systems.
  • Blocks application level attacks
    Rapidly increasing cross site scripting attacks and buffer overflow attacks are the examples of typical application level attacks which cannot be prevented at firewalls. HP IceWall SSO offers integrated prevention for backend web servers at the frontend, and blocks application level attacks including CodeRed and Nimda.
  • Detailed logging function
    HP IceWall SSO collects detailed log information, including source IPs and login duration for each user. These logs are suitable for User / customer behavior analysis or billing. A log output function by the backend web server is also offered for trouble-free operation.

Single Sign-On and Access Control
  Under its strong security, HP IceWall SSO integrates user authentication information, and provides users with the ability to access various services with single sign-on. Access control function allows authorized users to access adequate backend web servers by identifying which servers they are authorized to access.
  • Easily connected to backend web servers with basic authentication or form authentication
    HP IceWall SSO can be easily connected to backend web servers with basic authentication or form authentication only by configuring HP IceWall SSO. The standard HP IceWall SSO version deals with 11 methods and 48 types of form authentication.
  • Integrated Windows Authentication
    By interacting with Windows Authentication, users' logins to their PC allows them to single sign-on to all applications they are authorized.
  • Agent-type authentication
    Accomodates customers' various system requirements by offering both reverse proxy type and agent type authentication.

Identity Management
  Identity Management is a concept which allows for the establishment of an environment where users can easily and securely access the information necessary for the tasks assigned to them, and where digitized user information is managed on the system to allow users to access that necessary information. HP IceWall SSO actively works with the implementation of the functions necessary for the actualization of Identity Management, including authentication, access control, security and also the development of tools.
  • Simple user management by HP IceWall Identity Manager
    HP IceWall Identity Manager offers browser-based user management functions for the management of that user information which is necessary for authentication. By introducing HP IceWall Identity Manager, user management tasks, including registration, modification and user information searching, is possible via a web browser, which relieves user administrators from complicated database management by conventional issuing of commands.

Content Security
  HP IceWall SSO is equipped with a Dynamic Menu Portal as a standard function, which offers the basic functions necessary for portal sites on intranets. By combining the Dynamic Menu Portal with other HP products, it is possible to establish portal sites with the following functions:
  • Menu display function by group and by user
  • Function for personalizing contents (by interaction with HP IceWall Identity Manager)
  • Contents Search Function (by interaction with HP Mitake Search)
  • Contents Rotation Function
Through the various functions which we have developed due to our abundant experience with our customers, it is easy to make Single sign-on settings for web applications frequently used on intranets, such as Notes Domino and Cybozu.

Web Service Security
  Millions of services are offered on the internet. Nowadays users need to use them more conveniently and efficiently, and are not satisfied by just using these services individually or one at a time. Web service technology which automatically calls on applications from different web sites for the interaction of their services is essential for future generation IT systems. HP IceWall SSO provides you with a security framework by which you can realize this kind of Web service.
  • Compatible with Liberty Alliance Specifications
    Because of the increase in the implementation of web services, Single sign-on solutions which offer the use of multiple web environments with single ID, password and user information management functions of web services draws attention. Through consulting and utilizing solutions compatible with the specifications which are laid down by the Liberty Alliance Project, a standard-setting organization for web service user information management, HP IceWall SSO provides customers with a Single sign-on environment by which they can realize global web service.


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